Auctions Help - Modena Auctions

Terms and conditions of online auctions:

-placing a bid on binds customers to a legal binding contract between us;

-bids can be cancelled upon prompt communication in which are explained the reasons for retraction;

-the highest bidder becomes automatically the buyer of the item and he/her is bound to proceed purchasing the object for which he/her made the winning offer. Failing to do so might result in a violation of our policy and consequently we, MarteModena, reserve to apply all the measures required to keep safe and respectable our market. We ask our Customers to not bid if they aren't willing to buy or pay;

-the final price of an auction is always deprived of the shipping costs, therefore the buyer must consider an extra charge in order to cover these fees;

-all the customers have to comply responsibly with the purchase made, converting the bid into physical order within seven days from the ending of the auction. After, the item will be relisted for sale and the winning bid cancelled.

How to complete your purchase transaction after winning an auction

  • E-mail

This is the mail you receive when you win a special auction: 

  • Your bid:

This is the auction you won: click "ADD TO CART" to confirm your purchase

  • Check-out

Then you can proceed to the check-out like our standard process.