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MarteModena, the new Italian pens

MarteModena born in 2010
Our early activity focus was the luxury market of accessories and during the first 4/5 years of business we worked
in selling products of prestigious international brands or high quality Italian craftsmanship, especially to wear.
We were also specialized in selling collectible pens, multibrand (Montblanc, Omas, Montegrappa, Parker, Waterman, Aurora, Delta and many other brands)

Achieving knowldge and after years of experiance, in 2014 MarteModena start a new adventure, joining with DELTA penne Italia our new project, making our first pen line.
Historically models like DOLCEVITA FEDERICO, THE JOURNAL OVERSIZE, PAGODA and BAROCCA represent our introduction in the pen market as a brand.

Our production processes are "totally Italian made": starting from the base materials (Resin, alluminium, celluloid or sterling silver 925) up to the last package accessory, our products are made only inside Italy, with hard controls to ensure a perfect pen for customers without the minimal imperfection.

Today MarteModena is a solid reality of the world pen market, having the best ratio quality/price
our distribution activity is managed totally online, and today we have several retailers in the world

We always say:
You can watch, dreaming to own, or buy to have; for sure in our world you can find amazing products suitable for you: ask to us how to fulfill your dreams


MarteModena TODAY

MarteModena collections are always and only handmade, artisanal products rare and precious
MarteModena philosophy is not to made fine pens for a few people, but fine pens for all
The high quality is not reflected in high price, not always..
we keep our production exactly as 50 years ago, considering every MarteModena pen as a fulfilled dream
People can wait often several weeks to satisfy the desire, but always worth.. 

Videos about MarteModena pens

MarteModena leather accessories

Martemodena is not only pens, but also luxury leather accessories.
As any other MarteModena products we offer artisanal and handmade products, only made in Italy.
fine leather (calfskin), high quality calligrafic paper and attention to the details are our distinctive card.

 Video about MarteModena Leather



MarteModena collections are available in also through few retailer partners in the world


MarteModena AUCTIONS

MarteModena is probably one of the most important collectible pens seller in the world.
Every month, over 100.000 people partecipate in our special collectible auctions, a milestone for all the collectors in the world
Every day a different auction, always containing rare pens or unique pieces.
if you are a pen lover, impossible to miss our special listings, always with STARTING PRICE = 1€, free reserve.
The market is the only operator who set the maximum selling price at the moment, growing the buying options by customers
pen addicts cannot resist to purchase fine and rare pens at the best conditions
Join us!

MarteModena AUCTIONS