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Terms and Sale, Shipping & Return Policy

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Before your purchase, be sure to know all the sale and shipping condition.

When making purchases you are accepting implicity the terms and conditions of supply and warranty.

For any need don't hesitate to contact us.

Sale policy:

We are italian and we sale worldwide

Important objects sale policy (Jewels, watches and precious metals):

  • we are serious sellers and we want to work with serious buyers
  • We ship by a special insured INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS COURIER expedition: our pack has our and seals: we ship with maximum security level
  • our watch/Jewels is 100% original, with box, certificates; some objects have factory warranty, others our 2 years standard warranty (in case of doubts, ask before to buy)
  • you will receive the watch/Jewels with our anti tamper seals: if you want, for any reason, to return the object be care to not break the seals:
  • if you remove the seals, we accept the return only in case an official dealer certify by documents an original defect; we don't accept return for any other reason

MarteModena specifies to all Customers that, in case of special sales (products with MarteModena logo “MarteModena” or “MM"), we could provide different boxes and generic packagings instead of the images related in the insertions. 
MarteModena reserves for any sale in BIN or AUCTION style the right to provide the available box at the moment of checkout, according always with description features.

Business note
If you have a VAT number, ask for IntraCee/ExtraCee Invoice to avoid VAT 22%. 
Please, ask for it before to pay
If you send a message after shipment, we don't modify our documents and you will not receive the refund
MarteModena releases invoices or receipts with separated indication of VAT
We don't release invoice for total order amount less than 50€ (in this case only the receipt will be attached with the shipping)


All our objects are absolutely originals; we don't sell any fake;
If not indicated, all the objects have the original factory warranty;
sometimes we sell object without warranty, but this is clearly specified in the insertion; in this case
we are not liable for any defect or damage over 10 days after you receive the object; the customers have to advice
for any defect found by mail (following the "return conditions") and the object can be returned for repair, change or refund.

Notes: Please, before purchase be sure to have watched carefully all the pictures and descriptions. If you are unsure, don't buy any goods

MarteModena pens:

starting from 2018, MarteModena has modified some details about own pens:
1) standard ink converter will equipe all the pens. modified converter will be mounted only while actual sotck will be sold out
2) MarteModena no more indicates on pens data sheet "removabler piston filler", although most of our production will continue to might be used in trivalent filling system
3) Where MarteModena indicates "Piston filler" we remind only to a standard and fixed piston filler

Pen package: all our pen packages, might be modified. We try to change images and description promptly, but it's possible to send updated boxes or papers with respect to the actual images on our website
Martemodena products: MarteModena is free change shape, parts, components and every other single detail of our pens without previous warning when a new production need or strategies came.
MarteModena is also free to change materials without previous warning when a issue about availability came. In this case, MarteModena promptly modify all the technical data sheets


All MarteModena auctions have starting price 1€ and free reserve, unless specific cases clearly indicated.
Read carefully all the terms & conditions before to bid; making it, you automatically accept our rules.
MarteModena AUCTIONS use "PROXY BIDDING": system considers always your offer as the maximum offer; if the actual price is much less than your offer, system add on the actual price only the minimum step (in most of cases 10 or 15€, but every insertion indicates online the minimum bid to put), rising the selling price only when another user make a new higher bid, up to your maximum ofer value. When someone overbids your offer, system sends immediate advise by mail message
In order to understand correctly our offers mechanism, feel free to send us more information requests
MarteModena is always free to remove listings for sale within 1 hour of the end if the price reached is under the 50% of the estimated market value for the object (this evaluation is made only by MarteModena or MarteModena and the object owner)
Ending AUCTIONS: we do not accept to remove bids in the last 2 hours at the end
An auction won is a legal binding contract:; make bids only if you really want to buy and pay for the objects
Any MarteModena discount coupon can be used for a purchase in auction style

Terms of payment:

The payment can be executed by:

  • Bank transefer* (3% off the order's total amount will be immediately granted)
  • Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express (ask for specific cards availability)
  • PayPal (on demand - Fee applied: 9%)**
    Private purchases: if you like, you can pay through Paypal but we don't accept direct payment, only if specifically requested (Customers will be invoiced on demand)
    Business purchases: All the business orders must be validated by MarteModena financial management to use this type of payment - Limitations are possible

Payments must be always integral: MarteModena must receive the total order amount, bank transfer fees, Paypal fees and all the other transfer costs are in charge of buyers
After the payment, the object will be sent tipically within 2/3 working days, unless specific indication in the insertion.

*If you choose to pay with bank transfer remember that your order processing will be longer and all the eventual extra fees are at your charge. We will ship the purchased items only if the correct amount will be received.
**Limitations are possible, depending on: carrier, customers country (state, region, land), accessories conditions (covering, customer risk and fees)

All the Business customers who make orders implicity accept the:


Pen Booking Service conditions:

As all the artisanal companies, MarteModena often produces pens order based.
this service is available for private or business customers
Customers can book for standard or customized pens.
Booking fee = 40% of the total cost
Balance paid when the pen is ready to be sent

General conditions:

Customers have to know all the international transaction conditions before to buy;
If you fail to collect the shipment, automatically object will be abandoned, then customers will be responsible for the matter costs, MarteModena deduct the amount from your refund;
We release regular commercial invoice: we cannot modify values/prices after sales (all our shipments are covered by total value insurance);
if you have special needs with regard to the payment, please email us before or immediately after your purchase
orders not paid are automatically canceled.,

Terms and conditions of online auctions on

  • placing a bid on binds customers to a legal binding contract between us;
  • bids can be cancelled upon prompt communication in which are explained the reasons for retraction;
  • the highest bidder becomes automatically the buyer of the item and he/her is bound to proceed purchasing the object for which he/her made the winning offer. Failing to do so might result in a violation of our policy and consequently we, MarteModena, reserve to apply all the measures required to keep safe and respectable our market. We ask our customers to not bid if they aren't willing to buy or pay;
  • the final price of an auction is always deprived of the shipping costs, therefore the buyer must consider an extra charge in order to cover these fees;
  • all the customers have to comply responsibly with the purchase made, converting the bid into physical order within seven days from the ending of the auction. After 3 days, the item will be relisted for sale and MarteModena cannot ensure the availability for late orders. After 7 days, auctions won are autmatically deleted
  • In case of technical errors MarteModena has the right to cancel an order within 24 working hours, reimbursing the customer
  • Days of delivery are intended always as "working days"
  • MarteModena is free to remove all the auctions with no offers up to 4 hours of the deadline
  • MarteModena is free to remove the entire day lot if at least 30% of the auctions have no offers up to 4 hours of the deadline


Martemodena sells worldwide; All items are located in Italy.
Each item for sale shows only object price, but NOT shipping costs **
Shipping costs maybe exposed inside item description
Price may change if you change delivery address and country;
At the checkout, you can see in you basket the final price for the object purchased;
customers are responsible for all extra charges generated for any kind of unexpected problem: e.g. delay, parcel held, exceeded attempts in delivery.
worldwide customers out of European Union are subject to the customs clearance process (Where due). It may result in an extra fee (duty and local taxes) to pay before the receipt of the parcel, depending also from the type of shipping method choosen. customers are always responsible for import duty and local taxes (these amounts are never refunded)

** If you access or login come from an European Union country, your price is already VAT included; if you don't, you can see the NET price.
If you are surfing from an European Union country, but your delivery address is out of European Union, system will remove VAT 22% automatically at checkout
If you are surfing from an Extra EU country, but your delivery address is inside of European Union, system will add VAT 22% automatically at checkout

MarteModena discount coupons can be applied only for BUY it NOW purchases (product catalogue), not for objects in auction style

SPECIAL PROMO Prices and rules:
If you are using a special coupon discount, remember you are accepting the following rules:
1) You can use ONLY ONE coupon discount for each order; although single codes might be active on the cart, it's not possible to cumulate 2 or more discounts, unless specific agreement with us
2) Using a promo coupon, handling time and shipping costs might be different: handling time can be up to 15/20 working days and you might pay shipping cost where usually we sell with "free shipping" option
3) In case of MarteModena products special promo, Package might be different with respect to the standard, but always a MarteModena official boxes and papers. Warranty conditions are always the same
4) Discounted prices are always NET prices; taxes will be added by your side

Shipping policy and costs, handling time:

Handling time tipically takes up to 3 working days, unless specific indication on the insertion
Handling time duration starts always after receiving CLEARED PAYMENTS (clearance processes take different times  depending on the payment method)
(In August and December, months coincident with summer, Christmas holidays, and in other celebration days or special holiday period, Handling time might be higher)

MarteModena Auctions is free to choose the type of service, always in accordance with customers choice.
MarteModena Auctions is free to upgrade the service at our expense (no additional required from customers)
MarteModena Auctions respects the international rules and local law provisions

Handling time & Delivery note:
most of our important collectible pens for sale are not stored in our main delivery office, then not immediately available for shippings;
we work with many partners in different towns (Italy and Europe) who provide us a big quantity of collectible pens to sell.
Our handling time is always specified in every listing but it's only estimated; we can take more or less time depending on several factors:
1) town where the object sold is kept
2) period of the year
3) payments delay
4) owners constraints
All the pens for sale are absolutely available, our standard operativity is due to market reasons
Note: estimated handling time doesn't consider special and unpredictable events (like weather events, natural disasters, wars, etc.) who might limit our standard operativity.
In this case, handling time could be much longer than expected. MarteModena - Modena Auction is not liable for such delay 


FREE SHIPPING (where possible)
SERVICE USED: MarteModena is free to choose the type of service depending on the destination country
TRACKING: MarteModena is free to choose a service with tracking or not, depending on the destination country or cart value
TIME TO DELIVERY: from 3 up to 40 or more working days, depending on the type of service choosen
DIMENSION: every kind of parcel
INSURANCE not automatically included

NOTE: free shipping is a special MarteModena offer for our customers: this option is not valid for all countries in the world and not for all products. ask to have further details or information about "when and Where"

Registered Mail value no limits

SERVICE USED: POSTAL Registered Mail or Insured Mail
TRACKING: yes, IT side ( - OUTSIDE IT (local postal tracking website) 
TIME TO DELIVERY: usually between: several days / up to 30 or more working days (depending on the final country)
DIMENSION: Small parcels
INSURANCE not automatically included

EPS: Express Postal Service
TRACKING: yes, worldwide (
TIME TO DELIVERY: usually between: few days / up to 7/8 working days (depending on the final country)
DIMENSION: Small, Medium and Large parcels
INSURANCE not automatically included

Express Delivery Value
SERVICE USED: Express Courier (FEDEX, DHL or UPS) - MarteModena choice
TRACKING: yes, Carrier Website 
TIME TO DELIVERY: usually between: 1 day / up to 4 working days (depending on the final country)
DIMENSION: every kind of parcels
INSURANCE included

Express Delivery Jewelry
SERVICE USED: Express Courier (FEDEX, DHL or UPS) - MarteModena choice
TRACKING: yes, Carrier Website 
TIME TO DELIVERY: usually between: 1 day / up to 4 working days (depending on the final country)
DIMENSION: every kind of parcels

Note: sometimes, customs clearance procedures slow down the delivery. we are not liable for such delay

Business note
If you have a VAT number, ask for IntraCee/ExtraCee Invoice to avoid VAT 22%. 
Please, ask for it before to pay
If you send a message after shipment, we don't modify our documents and you will not receive the refund


Please, give us a telephone number; express courier needs it for the international expedition in case of contact request.

For Brazilian customers: starting from 01/01/2012 the Brazilian douane ask for:

  • your telephone number;
  • your personal ID number

Please, give us one of these informations; Carrier will be able to deliver  your objects quicker. 


Return policy:

To obtain any refund you must return the object/s purchased
Customers can return objects within 60 days from the date of receipt
Items must be returned in the same condition as received (i.e. Unworn, unused).
You will need to carefully save and send us back all the original tags, packaging and paperwork from the item.
customers have to communicate by mail the return BEFORE to send back the object, we will send Instruction for Safety Return (ISR). 
Don’t ship back anything before to receive our instruction.
Please ensure you send the parcel using any traceable method, the items are your responsibility until they arrive at our returns department.
To the returned item/s please add the documents as our ISR.
Refund process can take up to 60gg from the receipt date. This time is not predictable and depends on several factors: country of payment origin, currency, payment method and others
Please, ship back the products using an express courier, Italian postal service takes up to 60-90 days to be at destination. In this case, we cannot give you an estimated date of refund.

Customers who want to return objects, must send a specific and clear request; MarteModena suspends customer accounts if customers open a Paypal or strype case bypassing the standard return request until the case is closed
MarteModena reserve yourself to take any other action to save our market and to keep fair our platform in case of incorrect customers behaviour 
Purchasing an object in auction style or using a special coupon discount, return is always in charge of buyers - we don't reimburse Paypal fees

Objects purchased in auction style: if you find a defect, item should be returned for service or full refund - we don't accept to issue partial refund for damages who are not clearly visible by us

Customer service - after sales

If you receive an object with original factory defect, immediately recognizable by photo, please, move in this way:

  • take a detailed image of the damage / defect and send it to: 
  • wait for our contact and validation;
  • Our Carrier will pick-up the object at your home and we will send a replacement; all free for you, no cost;

If you find a problem not immediately recognizable by photo, move in this way:

  • Take contact with us and send a problem description;
  • Wait to receive our instruction for safety return and after send back the object. Remember that this shipment is in charge of customers;
  • Wait for our technical inspection: if the defect is covered by warranty, we will fix the problem, returning the object after service; all for free.
    if the defect is not covered by warranty, we will fix anyway the problem for free, but customers will be liable for the following shipment cost;

Communications with customers:

We are italian and our time is:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 16:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday are not working days, we cannot ensure prompt reply to customers messages
messages about shipments might need more time than our standard to be replied

messages will be replied from Monday 9:00 AM up to Thursday 16:00 PM
MarteModena will respond to all messages ONLY INSIDE website
We don't reply to direct external messages, please no more use direct mail addresses. We have different people who respond to the messages, we risk to to create confusion and misunderstanding about communications with you
If the customer's message refers to a specific order, please use the correct thread to facilitate and our fast answer
MarteModena no more responds to direct phone calls: send us a message inside indicating all the requirement details and, in case, you will be contacted by phone

messages will be replied from Monday 9:00 AM up to Friday 16:00 PM
MarteModena will respond to all messages ONLY INSIDE website
We don't reply to direct external messages, please no more use direct mail addresses. We have different people who respond to the messages, we risk to to create confusion and misunderstanding about communications with you
If the customer's message refers to a specific order, please use the correct thread to facilitate and our fast answer
MarteModena no more responds to direct phone calls: send us a message inside indicating all the requirement details and, in case, you will be contacted by phone


Purchasing or bidding a product with starting price 1€ , you agree to receive MarteModena’s promotional communications.

Warranty conditions (where indicated and valid)

The product sold by MarteModena are covered by international warranty. MarteModena apply the guarantees of the manufacturer were any, otherwise apply a standard two years warranty as requested by the Italian consumer code. In case of discrepancies between Italian code on warranty and a foreign one MarteModena will take valid only the Italian rule.
MarteModena guarantees the products sold for a period of two years from the date of purchase or delivery date, depending on whether the sale is made at our stores or on our web store. To request warranty you must present a receipt or document that identifies the product purchased.

The warranty is valid in case of defect, failure or non-compliance to the product description on the website. The product will be replaced with a new one of the same model or a similar model; or in specific cases, such as lack of stock, will be repaid. It is also envisaged, depending on the technological convenience and economic, the repair of the object. In the latter case, MarteModena is not responsible for any additional costs of repair as shipping costs or actions of third parties.

For warranty on defective product, the consumer must report the defect within two months after discovery proving that the product was in such conditions upon receipt of the product.

The warranty is valid internationally.

Exclusions of warranty:

The warranty don't cover products that have defects or problems caused by bumps, accidental breakage, wear, misuse of the product; acts of war or similar.

They are also not covered by warranty products who suffer damage caused by force majeure such as weather events unexpected and / or unpredictable electric shock.

The warranty shall not apply if at the time of purchase, the buyer was aware of the flaws / defects in the product and could not ignore it with due diligence, or if the defects were easily recognizable.

Finally, the right to a replacement or refund will be given if the problem is negligible, such as a scratch in the package. 

Social Media Agreements:


Fair Play:

every day we learn something new;

every day we try to improve our service for your satisfaction;

sometimes we make mistakes, but, maybe, you can make mistakes too.

If you feel to have a problem, get in touch with us.

For every matter exist a friendly solution, and we are sure that we can find it.

A feedback on every purchase you do is very important,

and remember: a good seller solve positively every issue with customers.