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MarteModena aims to become a leader on the collectible pens worldwide market. In order to achieve such a great objective, our company has involved a large network of collectors in the entire Europe, having today over 20 acquiring points in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and many other countries.

Today we can offer a large quantity of rare and valuable collectible pens (we are improving also our business in the collectible lighters’ field), making MarteModena a true heaven for collectors. Limited or vintage editions of Montblanc, Parker, Montegrappa, Aurora, Visconti, Waterman and many other important brands are daily offered on our stores.

As a matter of fact, we reached over than 200 special auctions for collectible pens a week. To manage properly this huge turnover we have enhanced also our shipping contracts, in order to get the fastest delivery time at the lowest rates to overcome the need of an extended handling time (up to 15/20 working days) to make a pen ready for shipment.

Where possible, we use overnight expedited services only.

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