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Handmade italian fine writing instruments

Handmade italian fine writing instruments

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  • Chronicle pens

    Inspired to the important events of 1910/30
  • Dolcevita Federico

    Dolcevita Federico, italian handmade with the best ratio quality/price
  • Dolcevita Federico Gold

    NEW Dolcevita Federico GOLD

    Handmade, precious resin, NIB gold 14K
    Delivery starting from 1 March
  • Dolcevita Federico Enamel

    NEW Dolcevita Federico ENAMEL

    Handmade, hand painted

  • Freedom Pens

    Freedom, the pen line for those who want be free to
  • Gods Of Egypt pens

    SPECIAL EDITION: Handmade, hand painted, NIB solid gold 14K
  • Japan

    JAPAN customized pens: Handmade, hand painted, limited edition 25 copies each ideogram
    customers can have initials painted by the artist on the back of the body
  • Natural
  • Mini Series
  • Pagoda 2018

    Pagoda 2018 re-edition

    Available soon

    Wooden Model (Ebony, Briar)
    Resin Model
    Casein Model
  • President

    PRESIDENT pens: Important signature
  • Sea collection

    SEA collection pens: a tribute to the world seas

    Available SOON only in AUCTION style
  • The Artist

    SPECIAL EDITION: Handmade, hand painted
  • Unique pieces

    Handmade, Hand painted, Sterling silver 925, NIB gold 14K

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Showing 1 - 50 of 186 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 186 items